Sunday, 13 February 2011

December 2010 to January 2011 (because I have been a bad blogger...)

It is now well into 2011 and I have been so busy with Christmas, New year, University course work and life in general that I haven't written a new post since November. So I will catch you up on a few things that have happened over the past few months:

At the beginning of December I took part in the Funky Xmas Market in Amsterdam, I stood out in the freezing cold and high winds for 6 hours and only sold Bill the elephant (and I sold him to my friend), so I can safely say it was a waste of time and money. So 2011 brings the year of new stockists, instead of trying to make money through craft fairs I will get my work in to more shops, so watch my blog for updates on new stockists.
My stand at the Funky Christmas market.

Over Christmas I managed to sell some stockings and christmas decorations, I make only a few of them so next Christmas I will make more as they sell well :)

My stand from the Christmas fair in Den Haag

At the Beginning of January I added a new critter to the crew, Victor het Varken (victor the pig). I really enjoy making critters, so this year I will be adding even more animals, any suggestions or requests would be great as I can never think of new animals to make!
Victor het Varken

his cute little tail :)

So that is what I have been up to, and writing 4 4000 word essays for my masters course. The next few months will be I will be super busy with my masters so new products and blog posts may be absent for a while, but come April I will be back onto working on my business at least 1 day per week so new things will be happening then, I will keep you updated with other goings on between now and then :)

Coming soon: 
My new revamped website should be up in the new month or so.
New products: critters and some new more varied products (so no more scarves, they drive me batty!)

Hopefully I will be blogging more regularly now, and look forward to any suggestions for new critters :)