Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I decided this year that I would go full time with my business, and make my dream come true of being my own boss and creating beautiful textiles. Since June things have really started to take off, this has included new stockists, more publicity and my first interview about my work. so I thought I would share some of the nice blog posts about Victoria Logan Knitted Textiles and some nice images of my work currently online.

Blog post interview: http://notmassproduceddotcom.blogspot.nl/2012/07/textile-artist.html
Dutch blog post: http://www.babytjes.nl/babytjesnieuws/?p=13085

My work featured on the front page of notmassproduced.com

Another Dutch blog featuring my work.

I hope I will be getting more publicity and press articles written about Victoria Logan knitted Textiles over the next few months, but so far I'm really happy that my work is being recognised and written about :)


So I have been really busy the past few weeks with dog cushion commissions. Ever since I put my Corgi cushion up on my website I have been asked to make several different breeds of dog: Labrador, Bull terrier, West Highland Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and have had other people enquiring about using different animals but in the corgi cushion style. The response has been amazing, and I have been really enjoying making new dog cushions and have to thank Alvar the corgi for inspiring me to make the first dog cushion by Victoria Logan Knitted Textiles :)

Thanks Alvar
Alvar relaxing

So if you would like your own dog cushion (or any other animal cushion) Then just drop me an email :)

The Corgi cushion

Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Stockist and commission

So I have been busy over the past few weeks working on orders for shops and commissions, it has been great getting my work out there :) My newest stockist is The Tayberry Gallery in Perth. I sent this lot off to it last week:

I also made up a bull terrier cushion for a customer, it worked really well and I'm looking forward to making my next dog cushion:

If you are interested in your own animal cushion in the above style just contact me!