Monday, 25 June 2012


I have just delivered a box of critters to a new stockist. I added a few extra colour combinations and a new critter, Daisy. 

The new stockist is a webshop based in the Hague and the critters should be for sale on it very soon!


Daisy and Dennis




What do you think of the new colour combinations? Do you like them?


Introducing Daisy the Deer!

Daisy is Dennis the Daring Stag's twin sister.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Knitting and stuff :)

So this week has been a busy one. My yarn finally arrived, opening the box to see so many full cones of beautifully coloured lambswool was exciting.

New yarn, so pretty!

I immediately started knitting orders for a new stockist, a collection of 8 critters. New colour schemes are being introduced and there is a new critter in the gang (more info in next weeks blog!)  It's really exciting to be working on orders and I can't wait to have my critters in new shops and going off to new homes.

Also this week my knit machine decided to break, leaving me in a major panic, after 12 hours of try to fix it, getting quotes on getting a new part I discovered the good news that I can fix it myself. So next week I will be learning another new skill, Knit machine fixing and maintenance! It's one thing I love about being a designer maker, everyday I learn something new.

This week I also received exciting information regarding my work, more to come in the next few months. New labels for my critters and the discovery that I can work all hours of the day just to produce lots of little felted toys. It has been a fun week.

Next week I hope to have a new critter to introduce and hopefully reveal some of my new stockists.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

New Beginnings.

My blog has been badly neglected for far too long, so starting from today I will be aiming to update you on things that are going on every week! It's a new beginning for Victoria Logan Knitted Textiles, as I prepare to go full time on my business and hopefully spread the love of felted textiles to many people. The new collection is already knitted up and shop orders are being completed. So in the next few months you may see some of my textiles in a local boutique or in a lovely webshop :)

I am also working on some extra things exclusively for my blog like tutorials, give aways and first peeks of new products.

So keep an eye out for my weekly posts :)

I shall sign off with another image of my Jubilee cushions (sill for sale!)