Monday, 2 July 2012

Commissions and knitting

So this week I finished a commission of two of my mountains cushions in a grey charcoal combination both 50 x 50 cm. They turned out really well, and has made me think I should add larger cushion sizes later in the year. The colour combination worked really well and I am creating it in this colour combo for a new stockist, that should be available from the end of July.

Also this week I fixed my knit machine, a small part of it broke 2 weeks ago and I got the spare part on Friday, I was very nervous about fixing it myself as I have never done it before, but luckily it went very smoothly and now I feel very confident about fixing anything on my machine that breaks in the future.

Also today I get a new motor for my machine, I'm very excited, I have been searching for a new motor for months and now it is almost here!

This week brings lots of knitting for new stockists, and designing a cushion for a commission, plus designing a fabric for upholstering a chair, so busy busy!


Phil said...

Looks great - do you design using DAK? Glad you got your machine sorted. What had broken? My 3rd colour changer has a bit snapped of the top so it can be a bit temperamental but we manage to cope. Are you a fan of using cast on combs with your Passap or do you just stick with the stripper?

Victoria Logan said...

Thanks. A control lever on the colour changer had broken, so it wasn't responding when i tried to select it. It's fixed now though :) I always cast on with the stripper, it's fast, and the edges of my knitting don't need to be too neat, as it gets felted anyway.